Finding the right social media platform for your startup

By Elizabeth Tan, e27:

Social media is a tricky and complex thing. Setting up Facebook and twitter accounts for your startup may not necessarily be a wise idea. It must ultimately lead to engagement and conversion for the right target market.

Leveraging on social media to spread your brand is not as simple as tweeting about the company’s progress or posting pictures onto Facebook Timeline. Having your consumers like your page or comment does not garauntee anything to help your business.

On the other hand, social media is free and multi-purposed. It can be used for marketing purposes. Small businesses can use it to gather marketing intelligence, build their brand, enhance their reputation, efficiently manage customer service, and find new sales leads.

However, as a smart entrepreneur, you must make sure that not too much time and resources in placed onto social media for too little return.


This is a great way to build strong customer relations and create brand loyalty. Analytics and insights from Facebook are becoming a way for even the largest companies to bring in added value to their organization. However, note the short shelf life of a Facebook post and be prepared to think of creative ways to engage fans others than simply posting pictures or comments… Read more


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