Ecommerce website design in the age of the social web

By PR Wire:

Social media has changed the way the world sees the web. The Internet is no longer just a place to browse for news and find products and services to buy. It’s a place we share with our friends and acquaintances. We allow our social connections – facilitated online by social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter – to guide our browsing and buying. What’s cool, new, interesting and worth a look? Chances are we’ll take our cues from one news feed or another.

An ecommerce website designed and developed before the social media revolution was a very different beast from the sites and stores we create in this day and age. Take ecommerce juggernaut Amazon for example.

One of the major reasons people turn to sites like Amazon when they start browsing for products and services is the fact that customer feedback and reviews are prominently incorporated into individual listings. This goes a huge way to encouraging prospective buyers to trust in the product – especially given that they can’t see and touch the product in person… Read more


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