CEOs and Social Media — How Much is Too Much?

By David K. Williams, Forbes:

Have you heard the expression TMI (Too Much Information)? We’ve all known individuals who share far too much.

Companies whose leaders engage in social media are further ahead

But for a business? Here’s an area where entrepreneurs – and employees – may be miles ahead of the boss. The data is in, and it’s extremely compelling: For businesses, the willingness to share and engage through social media—and especially, the willingness of top management to engage–is a definite plus.



Several news reports show that social media is vital for business, and its role is only increasing.

In a Forbes post on July 12, Josh James, the CEO of DOMO, cites interesting new data from and DOMO. The report shows social media is more pervasive than ever among customers: 50% of the population currently uses Facebook and more than 37% use Twitter… Read more


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