Be relevant. Be engaging. Be adaptable.

By TMO Reporter:

More and more businesses are using social media as a part of their daily communications, customer service and operations strategies. As businesses, the use of social media enables engagement between the brand and the customer on both a marketing and customer service front where real-time response is expected amongst the consumer. A few years back, social media was seen as a craze amongst those who tend to procrastinate, however now it is part and parcel of an overall business strategy when it comes to all levels of customer understanding and engagement. The question therefore is should social media be a pillar of a marketing strategy?

Where is social media heading?

If we could predict this, we would all be incredibly wealthy. However we are seeing it go way beyond the marketing element and more into the creation of social business, where other elements such as customer service are included in the mix. The monitoring of social media has become better therefore there is a far better understanding of communities which will enable marketers to make better decisions on the online sphere… Read more


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