Social Media Week and Skillshare launch new social media school

By Heather Taylor:

Today, Social Media Week has announced its partnership with Skillshare to launch The School of Emerging Media & Technology in the US this fall with plans for international expansion in 2013.

This school aims to be the first accredited school on Skillshare that provides year round training in social media.

Through the Skillshare platform, leaders in social media have the opportunity to build courses around emerging tools, new technologies and best practices that are driving industry-wide change.

We had a chance to speak to Toby Daniels, founder and executive director of Social Media Week, about this new partnership.

Why did you decide to create the School of Emerging Media and Technology?

The idea stems from the research that we did for ourselves three to four months ago that shows there is a skill shortage in social media, not just in the US but all the markets we have a presence in. The gap is being created as technology is advancing faster than we’re able to retrain our workforce. Look at how important social media is becoming and look to the lack of training provided by organizations… Read more


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