10 ways social media is ruining your life

By Jessica Galliart:

Melodramatic? Maybe a little. But, seriously, your obsession with social media and your Instagram feed is probably sending you straight to Crazy Town.

I tend to roll my eyes at every report about a new “study” just released that contains mostly alarmist “results,” because, much of the time, context is not provided and a “study” of a few hundred people by some crackpot scientist isn’t the most reliable piece of information. That being said…a new survey conducted in the UK about the effect of social media on human beings seems pretty spot-on. More than half of the 298 people polled by the Univeristy of Salford said their lives have changed for the worse since joining social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Side effects: Depression from comparing their achievements to their friends’, anxiety from being unable to relax or sleep, stress when they can’t access it, et cetera. Basically, if you’re already a little neurodic or anxious, then Facebook is going to be the end of you.

Why does this get a head nod? Let’s review. Here are just a few ways social media is turning you into a horrible person.

Delusional aspirations
Hey, asshole: Look at all of the things you don’t have and can’t afford! Thanks, Pinterest, for tricking me into thinking that if I just throw something onto an “idea board” and share it with everyone that it’ll come to me. Basically, Pinterest ripped off “The Secret… Read more


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