What kind of special offers work on social media?

By Scott Robinson:

What kind of offers work on social media? Giveaways on Twitter? Competitions on Facebook? I’m not quite sure how to approach this.

Social media is really all about your reach. Just like any other form of media, you need to analyse how many people you’re going to reach, who they are and what turns them on.

You know the number of people that are watching a TV program and you know how many newspapers are distributed. Likewise with social media, you know how many fans or followers you have, so your reach is very easy to identify.

Facebook in particular also has fantastic statistics on the reach of every post, so you can also gain some post-analysis as well.

Your reach is important because you need to balance the time and energy you’re putting into the offer or competition against the effect it’s likely to have. There is no use spending 10 hours developing something that reaches 50 fans… Read more



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