[Thought Leadership Digibates] 06: Should social media be a pillar of your marketing strategy?

By BizCommunity.com:

The sixth Thought Leadership Digibate, recently hosted by Aegis Media in conjunction with Bizcommunity.com in Johannesburg, centred around whether social media should be a pillar of a marketing strategy.

Panel of experts

The panel of experts that was moderated by Dawn Rowlands, CEO of Aegis Media Sub-Saharan Africa, included

  • Jerome Touze, co-founder, http://www.wayn.com
  • Mike Stopforth, CEO, Cerebra
  • Dr Sarah Britten – new media & communications strategist
  • Uno de Waal, senior social strategist, Trigger Isobar
  • Dom O’Brien, head of innovation, Isobar UK.

The panelists noted that more and more businesses are using social media as a part of their daily communications, customer service and operations strategies.

As businesses, the use of social media enables engagement between the brand and the customer on both a marketing and customer service front where real-time response is expected amongst the consumer… Read more


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