Social Media Lessons From a Revolution

Revolution 2.0, former Google Marketer Wael Ghonim’s brisk, first person account of the Egyptian Revolution offers real lessons that online community managers of any brand or organization should learn. Ghonim was the administrator and creative director of the ‘Kullena Khaled Said’ Facebook Page, easily the largest opposition social media page during the uprising. Now it’s true that most of us aren’t trying to topple a repressive regime (many of us are trying to sell laundry detergent) but we should manage our social networks with all the energy of a high stakes, historic cause.

What did Ghonim do to foster online engagement that eventually contributed to real, on the streets, offline action? It’s simple really. He spoke, users listened and responded, and then he acknowledged their contributions. Here are a handful of takeaways other digital marketers can learn from his work.

1. Choose A Channel — Ghonim knew social media and picked Facebook because it had the audience he needed in Egypt. While cross-channel integration is vital to many large brands, understanding your audience, staffing concerns and desired engagement may reveal one channel as more desirable to focus on… Read more


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