So, you’re using social media, but how effectively?

Marketing » Although study shows 8 of 10 companies are on Facebook, many not making most of it.

A new study shows eight out of 10 U.S. companies are present on Facebook, 48 percent are on LinkedIn, 45 percent are on Twitter and 31 percent use YouTube.

But in their efforts to connect with customers in a digital relationship, many might not be employing effective strategies to get the most out of social media, while others lack the commitment required to make the undertaking pay off.

The study by InSites Consulting surveyed 1,222 managers and concluded that a digital gap might be forming in the corporate world between companies who use social media, and those who don’t, with the latter in peril of being left behind. But beyond that, even though companies might be active on the most popular sites, industry experts say that doesn’t guarantee success.

Jeff Larson, assistant professor of marketing at Brigham Young University, said many business owners are still unsure of how to use social media.

“The parameters are up in the air,” Larson said. “You have to attract customers to the Facebook page and then ask, ‘What do we do with it?’ It’s very ill defined…. Read more


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