Social Media Marketing Tips: Be a Communicator

If you are active on social media you probably know that a wide variety of personalities frequent these sites. Three personality types stand out when it comes to promoting a business.

First you have the celebrities, who can be classified as the “narcissistic” personalities. Despite the fact that they are self-absorbed and aren’t always good communicators with fans and followers, they are successful at social media because they already have a built-in, loyal fan base.

Next you have the info-spammers, who can be classified as the “one-track-minded” personalities. They believe that the fastest route to success on social media is to post the same message over and over again (usually “buy me, click me, support me”). For instance, when trying to sell books many authors spam the Amazon link to their book all day long on Twitter.

Finally you have the communicators. These personalities are very aware of and in touch with their target audience. They care about what their followers care about and use social media to learn and market to them properly. These personalities tend to have the most long-term success at social media marketing. Here are five important tips to keep in mind if you want to fall into this last category.

1. Interact with the people you follow. What is the point of being on social media if you don’t talk to your followers and friends… Read more


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