Social media marketing firms – the new must-have acquisition for big tech companies?

During the past month, the news has been awash with stories of social media marketing company acquisitions. Following the announcement of Oracle’s acquisition of Vitrue for $300 million, went on to confirm its procurement of Buddy Media.

Large IT companies are being increasingly attracted to invest in social marketing companies, in order to add a social marketing dimension to their offerings. This endorsement of social as a critical part of enterprise architecture should silence those who have questioned the worth of this space; indeed investors and brands alike are sitting up and taking notice of social media marketing. But why are social marketing companies in such high demand?

Social marketing is still arguably in its adolescence, but its gaining share of the advertising market is impressive. Businesses have come to understand the importance of using social media to engage with prospects at every point along the customer life cycle, but they don’t always have the in-house knowledge or technology to launch integrated, multi-network social strategies. They need help, and this leaves a huge opportunity for social media marketing technology companies that can:

1) help brands to make money from social media (the nirvana for all businesses),

2) keep up with marketing and technology updates on ever-changing social networks, and

3) help brands engage in a personal, two-way conversation with the real person behind every “fan… Read more


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