Shifting Paradigm from Retail To eTail, Fueled by Affiliate Marketing and Social Media, Helps Merchants Globally Outperform Business Projections

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most reliable, low-risk, and high-reward strategies to stand out in tough economic times. As a key factor in online selling, affiliate marketing endorses crucial role in driving brand awareness and increased eTailing revenues. According to Forrester Research, overall retail sales will increase from 7% to 9% online, and eTail spending by consumers to increase 62% by 2016 (over $320 billion!). Worldwide economic slumps, improvements in technology, and consumer preferences towards couponing and “ease of use” efforts are driving online buyers en masse to online sites and through affiliate channels. The impressive traffic volumes to affiliate publisher sites have made it compelling for major players to join the Affiliate Marketing bandwagon.

With these growing and favourable trends, brick-and-mortar retailers and online vendors alike are looking toward the affiliate marketing platform for blogs, social media, cashback, loyalty, and deal sites as relatively low-risk, pay-per-performance avenues. Due to the comparative complexity and constantly changing landscape of the performance-based-marketing industry, retailers are seeking the help of specialized outsourced affiliate program management agencies, while they can continue to concentrate on their core business model.

AffiliateTraction is the largest multinational affiliate marketing agency and provides all-inclusive affiliate management and promotional services. Working with AffiliateTraction, clients have been able to more than double industry standards of return with an average of 19% of client overall online revenue coming from Affiliate Marketing. has been focusing on the multiple network approach for over 6 years and has relationships with all major networks like Google Affiliate Network, Commission Junction, LinkShare, AvantLink, Affiliate Window, and others.

By providing specialised friend-to-friend brand and social media marketing, including Facebook and Twitter campaigns, AffiliateTraction clients exhibited an average of over 38% growth in revenues. Vitally important to management and optimization is AffiliateTraction’s proprietary brand oversight capabilities, including social media monitoring, search/brand bidding management, and site content review. According to comScore, social media accounts for 19% of time spent online (1 in 5 minutes spent online is spent on some form of social media). Thousands of tweets a second are being sent around the world — To be able to capitalize and engage potential consumers in real-time is integral to online success. In using social media and microblogging and all avenues available, merchants can reach millions (such as the 1 in 10 global users that are reached by Twitter), through reviews, links, and viral activity. Savvy merchants can use the affiliate industry as a worldwide Times Square, advertising on billboards in front of all the consumers they want.

About AffiliateTraction

Founded in 2000 by Greg Shepard, CEO, AffiliateTraction is retained by mid-market to enterprise-level organizations to expand their presence in online performance marketing through active management of multiple networks and direct publisher relationships. AffiliateTraction is an all-inclusive agency that provides clients with the tools, support, and technology needed to successfully grow their affiliate programs.

SOURCE: AffiliateTraction

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