Kaizen Way Marketing Announces New Social Media Marketing Solutions

Kaizen Way Marketing is proud to announce they will deliver social media marketing solutions for a local business, bringing guaranteed results with the most powerful online marketing method available today. Effective social media marketing gets a website into the public eye, creating a buzz about the product or service and resulting in sales.

When using popular social media to promote a business, website traffic increases, strategic link building occurs and a business builds a reputation. Social media outlets include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Digg, Google Plus and LinkedIn. Pinterest has now come on the scene to generate another avenue of business leads. Kaizen Way Marketing has the savvy and experience to put together a campaign to take advantage of this marketing medium like never before.

Kaizen Way Marketing co-founder, Craig De Borba, has developed a team with many years of combined professional experience. This group can create an authoritative presence for a business as they have an understanding on how social networking works, are creative and think outside the box to deliver the results a business needs.

Mr. De Borba says, “More people find you online when we do your marketing for you, because you are everywhere!” This is quite a statement but is shown to be true for his other clients, which include such prestigious publications and news outlets as Better Homes and Gardens, USA Today, Google News and CBS.

Many companies go the social media route, launching new products by introducing them on these sites. It is easy to extrapolate that if they did not get results, they would not continue to do this marketing technique. The thing is – it works.

Kaizen Way Marketing realizes that local businesses around world need all the assistance they can get to be successful in the current economic climate. Successfully using social networking websites will add that extra punch to increase interchange and revenue. Other services at Kaizen Way include web design, video marketing, search engine optimization and email marketing.

About Kaizen Way Marketing: Kaizen, the Japanese word for “improvement,” also meaning “the constant pursuit of excellence” refers to the philosophies or practices that focus on continuous improvement. Kaizen Way maintains this very philosophy as they pursue excellence in business and business processes. Based in Sacramento, California, Kaizen Way Marketing has a team of professionals providing SEO services, web design and much more, to help businesses succeed.


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