6 Ways Google Can Secure its Social Future

Social media has radically transformed the way we search, buy, and consume content online. Facebook has not only taken advantage of this, it’s become the driving force behind the new social web. Google Wave, Google Buzz and Google+ were all Google Inc.’s way of trying to win this war against Facebook, but the company is still far behind.

That’s because the current state of Google’s contribution is to act as the bottom feeder of social media, by collecting content from other social platforms, but doing little with it. Google’s biggest opportunity is to create a social ecosystem where content is created, distributed, marketed, attributed and measured. Here are five ways Google can do that, and secure its social future.

1. Buy a Social Media Dashboard/Distribution Tool

Success in social means you have to enable content creation, distribution, and integration. Facebook realized this long ago with the addition of its apps platform and now with the purchase of Instagram. Social media dashboards provide powerful content distribution features to most of the major social platforms… Read more


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