How to Be Your Own PR Agency When the Media Calls

Today’s fast, furious and instantaneous news cycles allow leaders the opportunity to become active in media conversations and get discovered on a moment’s notice.   As such, you must become more informed about the news that impacts your voice both directly and indirectly.    Whether it’s a Twitter hashtag discussion, LinkedIn or Facebook group conversation, your local news, blog or national news story – this allows you to be proactive in addressing an issue when called upon.  Regardless of the media platform, you must be prepared to address the issues in a succinct and objective manner.   For those who are reading, watching and / or listening to your perspectives, your voice must be interpreted as being an authority on the subject matter with a clear and unemotional opinion.

As you become smarter in how to deliver your points of view to the media, the more frequently they will come calling and your subject matter expertise will become more widely acknowledged, respected and demanded by others… Read more


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