5 social media legal land mines

Social media is without a doubt playing a major part in patient engagement, marketing efforts, and an overall sense of communication within the industry. Yet with the growth of these tools come other issues to keep in mind — like the legal ramifications of using outlets like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn within a healthcare setting.

“These social media sites have moved beyond the novelty stage and into the mainstream,” read a recent whitepaper by Actiance. “They have become so pervasive that they have emerged as effective tools within the corporate setting as well. The line separating the recreational use of these tools from legitimate business purposes has become increasingly blurred.”

“The potential legal issues that can arise from social networking activities run the gamut,” it continued.

“Privacy, unauthorized activities, and intellectual property issues stand top-of-mind for many individuals and enterprises. Other areas, such as content ownership, regulatory compliance, and even criminal activity, are impacted by social media, too.”

Here are five keys to the legal issues of social media, as outlined in the report.

1. Privacy. According to the report, no issue resonates so strongly with the legal aspects of social media as privacy. “With so much content out there, and so many ways to access these social media tools, privacy has become somewhat elusive for many,” it reads. “From a legal standpoint… Read more


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