Cutting-edge social media skills at your fingertips

The way that people interact is changing rapidly. The rising popularity of the internet and cellphone apps has created vast interactive social networks which are putting people in touch with each other and keeping them connected as never before.

In a world where Facebook has 845 million users, 175 million tweets are sent per day and two new members join LinkedIn every second, this social currency is changing the face of marketing. Social media sites provide a significant window of opportunity for getting in touch with an online consumer base.

Keeping informed of this rapidly changing landscape can be a challenge even for seasoned marketers. New social media platforms conquer the online environment and shift the marketing powerbase regularly. More than ever, too, consumers expect to be discovered via social networks. Knowing which avenues connect most effectively to this consumer community and how to utilise them effectively has become a vital soft skill for marketers… Read more


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