Corporate News It is haven and hell for brands

The 20th century was about brands using advertising to build recall. The 21st Century could be about them using social media to fortify their reputations. Marketing professionals have been quick to gauge the potential of social media as a medium to communicate directly with their consumers, straighten out  negative perceptions about brands and keep  potential consumers engaged as a community. Such is the lure that brands ranging from multinationals such as Vodafone, Airtel, Skoda Auto, Ford and Reebokto low-profile small and medium business enterprises all have a presence on the social media today.

And the ease of marketing and its maintenance only adds to the lure of having a page at Facebook or a dedicated commercial video on YouTube.

The baby steps: create a dedicated page on Facebook, generate a hashtag on Twitter (to catch or attract a buzz) and launch your commercial advertisement video on YouTube — all this at a fraction of the total marketing budget.  But much more important, talk or listen to consumers or would-be buyers… Read more


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