REAL DISCONNECT: Social media butterflies may not be so popular in real life

HAVING heaps of friends on Facebook and Twitter is no cure for loneliness, the author of new research says.

We’ve known for a while now that being lonely isn’t good for your health.

And being online all the time won’t cheer you up either.

So what’s the answer? (Save me Sean Parker!)

Well, it’s not adding more friends, that’s for sure.

In fact, a report for the Australia Institute says lonely people may use social media to find social support, but they have fewer Facebook friends and count fewer of them as “real friends”.

Quality, not quantity, of social connections is critical in determining loneliness, Australia Institute director and report author David Baker says.

He says social media shouldn’t be treated as a cure for loneliness, and online social contact may in fact mask real social disconnection… Read more


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