Social networking sites as tool of change

There is more to social networking sites than just meaningless chatter. Jheel Gada and Nihal Shah discover how tools of social media have directed change

Check, share, comment, like, tweet, view, update, retweet, follow, blog, post, delete, upload. How often have we heard that each of these has been instrumental in stirring change? From one Facebook post that led to a protest in Tahrir square leading to the revolution in Egypt to the Occupy Wall Street movement, started by a mere blog post. From the ‘Pink Chaddi Campaign’ to the slut walk or the ‘Besharmi Morcha’ at a national level; from the 2011 earthquake catastrophe in Japan, where social media played a significant role in connecting victims to their families to Kenyans who used similar online tools to garner support for the famine stricken natives. From the zero tolerance campaign against eve-teasing to the meter jam campaign launched to protest the unreasonable fares charged by autorickshaw drivers, at the local level. Time and again Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the like have proved their eminence in galvanising support for change… Read more


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