Companies turn to social media surveillance

Is your company watching what you do on social media? According to the responses from ZDNet Australia’s CIO jury, the answer is most likely yes.

Gartner recently published a report saying that 60 per cent of corporations will be monitoring social media channels by 2015. Security was pinpointed as the main reason for the surveillance.

“Given that employees with legitimate access to enterprise information assets are involved in most security violations, security monitoring must focus on employee actions and behaviour, wherever the employees pursue business-related interactions on digital systems. In other words, the development of effective security intelligence and control depends on the ability to capture and analyse user actions that take place inside and outside of the enterprise IT environment,” Gartner research vice president Andrew Walls said.

At the moment, according to the research firm, only 10 per cent are monitoring these channels, although this is a much lower percentage than what was seen when ZDNet Australia‘s CIO Jury was polled on the issue… Read more


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