MicroElectronicsTechnology Sponsors TheWebtechBlog.com. Establishes social media portal presence

Microelectronics Technology Corporation is pleased to announce it has become a Primary Sponsor of http://www.thewebtechblog.comfor the months of May and June, 2012.

The webtech blog is a social media blog portal, which introduces potential investors, specific to the Internet and web technology industry, to the Sponsor company profile and allows for Microelectronics Technology Corporation to gain a first step into social media in an effort to enhance shareholder communications and corporate visibility.

http://www.thewebtechblog.com has an associated twitter presence with twitter followers and building daily: https://twitter.com/#/webtechblog

Poltential Investors or potential customers can follow the companys developments by subscribing to the rss feed or following the company on twitter @microelectech. This will provide potential investors and current shareholders with a direct communication with the company on a more timely basis. This is one of many steps the company is employing to establish its presence in social media channels.

Microelectronics Technology Corp through it wholly owned subsidiary Cloud Data Corp is an Incubator of Intrernet and Social Media Technologies.

In addition to the previously announced Dynamo dedicated server offering, the company co-location will also house Cloud Data Corps Sproq.com servers.

Sproq next generation cloud application hosting customers will be able to start with a single Sproqet, as they need to scale up they will be able to purchase additional Sproqets.

Sproq.com service is currently under development, with developmental servers and hardware already deployed. Sproq.com is scheduled for launch second quarter 2012.

For further Information: Microelectronics Technology Co. President: Mr. Brett Everett 1 866 587 2860 Follow us: @microelectech


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