5,000 Followers and 16,500 Tweets Later, 9 Solar Marketing Lessons from Twitter

Last weekend, I passed the 5,000 follower mark on Twitter. While that 5,000 number has never been a goal, it’s a great mile marker to look back and reflect on what I’ve learned about Twitter and solar marketing, and why over 5,000 people would ever waste their time following me. The short answer is that I worked hard to ensure that it wasn’t a waste of their time and attention — or mine.

First, let me give you some raw numbers from Twitter, which keeps track of most of these stats. There are other programs that fill in the gaps. If you don’t know the terminology below, it’s time to learn it.

As of this writing on Thursday, June 7, 2012, here’s where I am:

  • Followers: I have 5,026 followers.
  • Following: I’m following 1,862 people.
  • # of Tweets I’ve written or RT’d: 16,593
  • Years on Twitter: I signed up on June 09, 2009, so all of this was accomplished in almost 3 years to the day.
  • Follower to Tweet ratio: I’ve gained about 1 follower for every 3.3 Tweets.
  • Time spent: I have no idea exactly how much total time I’ve spent, but perhaps a total of 20-30 minutes per day, 5 days a week. Maybe 5 minutes a day on weekends.
  • # of clicks on links attached to my Tweets: 75-100 per week
  • # of RT’s” of my Tweets: About 54 per week.
  • ROI: Yes! But we’ll have to get into what we mean by ROI below.

The above stats reflect my @SolarFred Twitter account, only. It does not include any of the Tweets I’ve done for client accounts, so my cumulative total Twitter stats are actually higher.

And what have I learned? So much, and more than I can sum up. But briefly, here are 9 things that I’ve learned about solar marketing and Twitter:

Lesson 1) Using Twitter is free (cheap!), but it’s also a lot of hard work.

It may only be 20 or so minutes a day and 5 minutes each weekend, but you do need to think about what you’re Tweeting, why, and to whom. So join the solar Twitter-sphere, but if you want to be effective, put the time in to figuring out a strategy first. You’ll be much more effective.

Lesson 2) Twitter is social.  Duh, but not so duh.

I’ve met and interacted with a lot of people through Twitter, both in the solar world and outside… Read more


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