SEO Positive recommends online marketers act fast to improve their mobile search presence

There is no question that the increasing popularity of mobile devices has revolutionised the world of search engine optimisation (SEO). To put this claim into perspective, Econsultancy has announced that over 50 per cent of the UK is now in possession of a smartphone – a staggering statistic considering Apple’s staple product, the iPhone, was only introduced in 2007.

RichRelevance’s 2012 Q1 Shopping Insights Mobile Study indicates that this newfound web accessibility has led to 9.1 per cent of all e-commerce sales beginning with a mobile search enquiry. Though these figures clearly speak for themselves, there are still so many web marketers who are choosing to ignore the commercial potential of making their site entirely usable from a mobile phone or tablet computer.

From last-minute grocery shopping on their lunch breaks to fleeting product research during their daily commute, people are using their phones to track down and purchase from online retailers every day, so why are so many of us so reluctant to get involved in the latest search revolution? A lack of knowledge might be partly to blame, but when equipped with the right information, anyone can begin to open up their business model and embrace mobile search marketing. This said, optimising for mobile is an entirely different arena and requires in-depth knowledge of the issues associated with the task… Read more


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