Buy Real Marketing Outlines 3 Strategic Social Media Guidelines for Branding

Buy Real Marketing, a world provider of web 2.0 business applications, reveals three (3) strategic social media marketing guidelines that help them thrive and become successful online. With the several developments as of late, such as the client portal and the reseller program, the company is happy to share their business smarts that made them the no. 1 provider of quality followers, views and plays over the internet.

The company exemplifies the three strategic social media marketing guidelines:

Identifying of Goals

Buy Real Marketing believes in the power of customer insights. It is in knowing the market that a business will be able to formulate a potentially effective plan of action that bridges ideals to reality.

“The company values the audience as much as it values the clients. The team at Buy Real Marketing is trained to perceive audience as prospects for the business, so it is imperative to know their wants and needs first. In that way, we can shape our strategies based on what they will be expecting from our services,” discloses Business Development – Managing Director, Jonathan Kennedy.

Developing a Plan for Each Social Account

Buy Real Marketing is a company solely focused on social networks and its shifting trends. Buy Real Marketing has a presence to all market-significant social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, Vimeo and SoundCloud. Developing a plan for each account is integral in reaching the right audience and encouraging them to buy Twitter followers, YouTube views, Vimeo views and SoundCloud plays.

Strategies employed on Facebook, may not work on Twitter or on YouTube. With this perception, the Buy Real Marketing team tasked to carry out social media marketing promotions crafted different strategies for each account that are patterned to the unique characteristics of each social network and to the people within it.

Engaging with Audience

Buy Real Marketing perseveres to uphold its mission of providing a “remarkable online marketing experience that will help develop ideas, products or businesses,” through its interactive engagement on social networks. Branding in social media can only be achieved through engagement, thus, the company has a strong and dedicated team of socially competent individuals communicating with people who are curious about the service and social media as a whole.

Buy Real Marketing is the pioneer company that has launched several businesses’ social following online and leveraged their marketing potential through social media. They offer services such as Twitter followers, YouTube views, Vimeo views and SoundCloud plays.

To know more about the company’s services, visit their website at or contact them at 1-877-435-5955.


Buy Real Marketing is wholly owned by Clicking Labs, Inc. Clicking Labs is a well established internet marketing company founded in 2010 by Jean-Patrick Bisson, Diana Quartin and Jonathan Kennedy. The company specializes in driving search marketing and social media traffic, social web app development and conversion optimization. Each product or service specifically helps small/medium website owners increase online visibility and improve online sales.


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