7 Blogging Mistakes Most Bloggers Make that Stall Their Growth

Some say blogging is an art. Others claim it’s a science with a well-defined formula for success. I believe it’s a matter of individual perception. I’ve come across several bloggers who’ve started off on the right note but lost their way due to some colossal mistake or the other. While starting off strong is half the battle won, the other half – maintaining that growth is equally vital.

In this post, I point out 7 blogging mistakes that most bloggers make that stall their growth.

1. Overdo it

It’s easy to get fascinated by the early success of your blog and overdo it hoping to cash in on the opportunity. Whether it’s posting too often or killing a user’s feed with excessive repurposing of your earlier content, you should realize that most readers don’t appreciate an overload of information. Stick to a well-defined posting schedule, make sure your posts are of moderate length and do not spam your readers with excessive content… Read more


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