4AllPromos President Still Believes in Direct Mail Marketing

According to research from Ibisworld.com despite the economic recession direct mail advertisers have not suffered significant losses Direct mail continues to be one of the oldest, most effective forms of marketing today. Even though social media marketing has taken off in the past 5 years or so many small businesses are continuing to create direct mail campaigns. Promotional products company 4AllPromos knows it is important to have a diverse marketing strategy that includes social media, e-mail and direct mail. 4AllPromos President, Cosmo Corigliano, advises businesses to create direct mail campaigns that carry a theme, use different materials, creates a call to action and follows up with both old and new customers.

4AllPromos sells tote bags, sports bottles, pens, apparel and many other custom imprinted products and has a diverse customer base including large companies, non-profits, schools and party planners. A large percentage of customers are repeat customers who respond well to direct mail campaigns such as personal postcards from sales representatives, reorder reminders, coupons, gift cards and catalogs. 4AllPromos attracts new customers with e-mail campaigns and through social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

“After more than five years of business we’ve come to realize we still get the best results from customer through direct mail,” said Corigliano. “Customers tell us they like receiving friendly and creative reminders about their promotional product orders in the mail instead of being bombarded by constant e-mails, or irritating social media reminders or invitations.”

4AllPromos solicits customers information through various outlets including a mailing list sign up on 4AllPromos.com, customer contests on Facebook, promo codes on Twitter, solicitations on the 4AllPromos blog and through personalized mailings from each of the promotional product specialists.

Corigliano insists there are four major things to consider when developing a strong direct mailing campaign. First, the mail should have some kind of theme. Use the season, holidays or special sale events to create hype. Remind customers of the products they should be shopping for at that time of year.

Second, create a variety of mail. Use postcards, stickers, scratch of cards, free gifts or magnets to switch things up. 4AllPromos has a ton of inexpensive and inventive promotional products that are easy to send through the mail. Customers will enjoy opening up a surprise piece of mail.

Don’t just tell your customers what you’re doing get them involved. Social media has shown that consumers like to get involved. Hold a contest and ask customers to submit photos or videos using a certain products. People love to share hidden talents and information about themselves.

Finally, always follow-up your direct mail. Provide customers with statistics about how successful the last campaign was, call customers and say thank you or invite customers to the store for a social gathering to show appreciation.

Direct mail is still an affordable and easy way to reach out to a target group of customers. The product specialists at 4AllPromos help customers select easy, affordable direct mail promotional and custom imprinted products on a daily basis. To learn more about 4AllPromos and direct mail materials visit 4AllPromos.com

4AllPromos, based in Essex, Ct, is one of the nation’s largest marketers of promotional and custom imprinted products helping businesses and organizations to brand themselves with unique and useful products.


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