10 Things You Need to Learn From Successful Project Management

To be successful in project management is not difficult, the most important facts are to make sure the key items and things which would highly caused the failing of a project to be well taken care of, by designated leads, with great prioritization and attention,

1. All project deliverables and project activities must be visualized and communicated in vivid detail.

– In short, the project manager and project team have the same focus in the same direction by knowing what are the priorities and expectation for the project . Avoid vague descriptions at all costs.

2. Project managers must focus on the three dimensions of project success

– which means to complete all project deliverables on time, within budget, and within agreeable level of quality as defined by and to sponsors and stakeholders. The project manager must keep the team’s attention focused on achieving these broad goals.

3. Top management must actively set priorities.

– In today’s world , it is common for project team members to play active roles in many projects at the same time. Ultimately, there comes a time when resources are stretched to their limits .

– In response, some organizations have established a Project management Office to act as a clearinghouse for projects requests.

4. Successful projects work great with a proven time tested project life cycle tool… Read more


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