Where we “land” makes ALL the difference!

Choosing the correct landing page for your web advertisements is equally as important as the products or services you’re promoting, which is initially what enticed your potential customers to “click” on your banner ad in the first place.  This is especially true if you happen to be an “online” company.

Being in the advertising industry, I see people make this mistake everyday.  Granted, because of my profession, I’m a little more sensitive to it than most, nonetheless, it’s one of the biggest “unnecessary” mistakes a marketer can make.

Now before I go any further, I recognize that all of you reading this have a “one of a kind,” cutting-edge, innovative homepage that you have spent an enormous amount of time and money creating, and so of course you want the entire world to see and appreciate it!  But trust me, you’d be better off letting folks browse through your work of art at their own convenience. People are far too busy to scour through a bunch of “home” pages and other comprehensive content, trying to locate the specific bits of information they need.  Everyone in marketing and advertising knows that you have but a mere few seconds to grab a viewer’s attention, and even less to keep it… Read more


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