Social Media Marketing Etiquette: How To Be Successful, Not Annoying

What kind of social media personality are you? Are you a listener? Are you a continual retweeter? A super sharer? A thought leader? A social media expert? Or, are you just an asshole?

But seriously, it’s good to know what your fans and followers enjoy when it comes to their time on social networks, as well as what they want to see, hear, share and respond to. It’s also important to be aware of the faux pas that lose you fans, or result in negative or no engagement. I’ve noticed a handful of things that really seem to work, and others that don’t.

What People Like

  • Posts with photos. It may be an obvious one, but its worth reiterating that photos are shared a lot more often than links and status updates, especially on Facebook. Links with eye-catching thumbnails attached to them also perform better than those without.
  • Longer posts, within reason. Short and sweet isn’t always the best. This article shows that longer posts or status messages on Facebook are often seen as more valuable.
  • When you interact in a genuine and human way. People naturally can sense when you’re being even slightly impersonal or self-serving.
  • When your purpose is to inform, entertain or help your fans, without asking for anything.
  • When you talk about them. Shane Snow says the best influencers focus on other people… Read more

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