Top e-commerce platforms for small business

Flipkart started by selling books, but over a short span of time, has grown into the go-to destination for everything from mobile phones, games, household items to even PC components. The e-commerce business has picked up great pace in India and with more and more people addicted to online shopping, it’s equally important for small businesses and start-ups to have an e-commerce model as part of their site in order to reach out to a wider audience. There are two primary types of e-commerce models — hosted and open source that you can integrate with your business website and give users an added value. Choosing one entirely depends up on your product, size of your company, ease of upgradability and flexibility in future as your company grows. If you have an IT team with expertise on how to go about implementing and managing an e-commerce module, then open source would be the way to go. Else, you could just opt for a paid package that would include everything from domain name registration, shopping cart and maintenance so that you don’t have to deal with the technical stuff.

Big commerce
This is a good place to start for a small business, especially if you have an existing eBay or Facebook business… Read more


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