Internet Marketing Strategies Revealed in Free Online

Internet marketing strategies are often used behind the scenes by search engine optimization companies to increase the search engine positioning of a website and to generate web user traffic. Many business owners have websites that have been affected by the recent Google updates known publicly as Panda and Penguin. has launched a free traffic map that details insider secrets of successful Internet marketers. This map is offered completely free of charge to business owners trying to recapture lost traffic or those that want to increase the amount of daily traffic to a website. The very tips inside of the traffic map were successfully used by one of the owners of Marketer’s Black Book to earn $13,000,000 in e-commerce sales.

The costs of starting a website have remained relatively inexpensive since the Internet gained worldwide popularity in the late 1990s. For a payment of about $10, a company can register a domain name of its choice and put together a website that delivers a message or sells a product or service. One of the challenges that business owners often face is reaching a target demographic of people that search daily in search engines around the world. “The Internet is one of the most powerful tools that a company has to raise its profits or to build an online brand,” said Ryan Bush, Real Estate Expert and co-founder of Marketer’s Black Book. “Some businesses that did not take the time to learn online marketing in the last decade are now struggling with making the switch between using offline methods in favor of Internet marketing,” Bush added.

Market research studies are published each year that provide an analysis of e-commerce sales. This data typically includes information about why sales are made and why they are not in the opinion of buying consumers that purchase certain products and services. The design elements used on a website, the navigational ease of use, the company reputation and frequency of site updates are only some of the reasons that e-commerce sales rise and fall online each year. A company that has tried SEO services with little success in search engine results could benefit from the free information now provided in the traffic map courtesy of


A free online resource for business owners and website owners is what Marketer’s Black Book provides on the surface. A deeper look into this two year old company proves much more. Expert SEO and Internet marketing consultants help companies around the world with private coaching and consulting every day of the year. Francis Ablola, Ryan Bush, Brian Hansen and Bernard Ablola, MBA, started as the perfect resource and consulting center for online traffic building techniques and website marketing online. Marketer’s Black Book experts are in demand around the country and give presentations weekly at events, seminars and business conferences.


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