Face it – social media is not the answer to customer engagement

I was introduced as a “social media expert” recently on Mornings on Channel Nine – this is something I had not really considered. I’m merely a founding director of a business and through some social media (I have written 645 blog posts at the time of writing) I have sought a public voice to share what I am learning on my journey.

Social media is merely a set of tools – it is not an outcome. I remember 11 years ago when considering the launch of RedBalloon that it was all about “automatically generated email newsletters”. Every business thought they had to have an eNewsetter. What does that really mean when the goal posts seem to be shifting by the hour?

What I do understand to be the motivation behind using social media and how it can be activated as a listening tool, giving valuable insights into a customer base? Social media should not be seen merely as another sales device, and nor should it extend your brand into a place that makes no sense and adds no value… Read more


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