Social Is the Next Great Call Center Tech

For the modern contact center, location is becoming less and less important, Yves Dupuis, vice president of  sales and global accounts at Jabra and chairperson of the International Quality and Performance Center (IQPC) told attendees as part of the opening session at this year’s Call Center Week.

“The office today is wherever you have a laptop, Internet connection, and headset,” he said.

“The Internet has changed everything,” Dupuis said, noting that it has given rise to unified communications, cloud-based data and applications, mobility, home-based agents, and social media.

But despite the rise of social media as a customer service channel, it is the least used technology in the contact center, according to Dave Kellogg, senior vice president at and general manager of its Service Cloud product.

Kellogg said that social media’s use in the contact center is at 18.6 percent right now, but it is slated to grow  22.9 percent in the next 12 months, the greatest percentage of any other technology.

To capitalize on that growth, Michael Biondo, vice president of customer operations at Clear Channel Media and Entertainment, urged companies looking to incorporate social media into their customer service operations to include a call to action, such as filling in a survey or spreading the word about an offer…. Read more


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