Managing Social Media 101: There Are Tools to Simplify

Social media management tools can streamline your social media to-do list. Tools are available to manage multiple accounts and postings to your pages, manage accounts from mobile devices, and track marketing outreach efforts.

Anyone can benefit from social media management tools, regardless of whether the social media sites are used for marketing, networking, or just keeping up with friends.

Tools to Manage Multiple Accounts

Updating multiple websites (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, and your blog) can be time-consuming. Fortunately, there are tools within many social websites that can help you to link your social profiles. Twitter allows you to automatically post your tweets to your Facebook page by linking the two accounts. Facebook has a robust app library that supports integrating with other services.

There are many websites and software products that help manage multiple social website profiles. HootSuite enables posting to multiple networks with a single update, and with the Seesmic desktop application, you can quickly manage all your favorite services.

Check the supported social networks and pricing plans to see if a third-party website or software is right for you. Read reviews of the website or product, and check their privacy policies and terms of use before signing up. Periodically check for authorized applications in your social site’s account settings, and make sure you still want to link your account to all the websites, desktop applications, and mobile apps listed. Typically, authorized applications or devices are listed in the account or privacy settings.

Updating With a Mobile Device

Managing social sites from a mobile device can be an easy way to keep up with site activity on the go. Depending on your device, uploading photos or sharing links from a browser can be as quick as a couple of taps… Read more


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