A social media job agency

Felipe Navío Garcia and Juan Urdiales are sticking a large company logo on the blank wall of their new offices in the City of London. Some young men are making calls on mobile phones at a handful of the 16 or so desks bunched together in the small, drab, echoing room. It has the forlorn, beige feel of serviced offices, apart from the logo – “jobandtalent” – which is written in a jaunty blue. Is it perhaps a little reminiscent of Facebook?

Mr Navío and Mr Urdiales – also jaunty and from the Facebook generation of twentysomethings – are marking out their first London territory, having established their recruitment start-up in their native Spain.

The logo’s similarity to Facebook’s is no coincidence. Jobandtalent links to the social networking site and uses the data on it to help companies find and vet new employees.

“We are creating a ‘social recruitment company’,” says Mr Navío…. Read more


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