Using Social Media to Sell a House

Home owners Kevin Moloney and Janetta Stones have bucked traditional advertising trends with the sale of their luxury Melbourne home.

As they prepare to move to rural Victoria, the couple decided to sell their Abbotsford home on the banks of the Yarra River but have employed a more contemporary approach to its marketing.

“We’ve engaged an agent who suggested that we might consider marketing the property on facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media. Advertising in the major papers’ real estate section is very expensive and more people are turning to the internet when they’re searching for a home,” Moloney said from his beautiful terrace overlooking the river and Studley Park.

Expert in social media marketing, Catherine Chenery from Gihon Media, was consulted and drew up an internet-based marketing plan for the sale of the house. Working with the vendor and agent, Chenery created a unique website She also created a Twitter account, blog and facebook page and has linked all together employing clever search engine optimization techniques. “Within 24 hours we already had over 250 followers on twitter,” she said.

Moloney tweets short reports from the home on a regular basis and lets his followers know all the best places around the inner suburbs. “Someone who isn’t all that familiar with the area wouldn’t know all its secrets. I’m happy to let them know. I’m a writer so I also write the blogs which go on the site,” he said.

Real Estate agent Philip Middlemiss from Melbourne’s Stockdale and Lego office is delighted with the early results. “We’ve had a great response so far using the social media strategy and we’ve already had qualified inspections of the home by people from Kew and Hawthorn and even from a buyer in England. Providing potential buyers with all the information they need makes the task of selling a home more efficient and because this home is unique, we’re expecting a quick sale. That’s the world-wide power of the internet,” Middlemiss commented.

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