Social media campaigns need a new measure of success

Times have changed. Getting yourself out there is no longer about shouting as long and as hard as you can until you are blue in the face, trying to get people to listen to you. So why are we still measuring it by the same metrics?

Depeche Mode sang about it in the early 80s (wow that gives away my age) but their hit “Get The Balance Right” was not referring to marketing metrics; let alone digital marketing metrics for measuring return on social media campaigns.

As a viable marketing channel, social media is in danger; maybe a danger more grave than would-be practitioners care to acknowledge. Businesses large and small are all getting frustrated with the return they are seeing on their social media campaigns. Does this mean that social media doesn’t work? No. Does this mean that the campaigns in questions have not worked? Not necessarily. What this means is that we are not measuring it effectively… Read more


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