Social Media and the Promise of Eternal Life

I learned the news one wet December morning.

My daughter had just gone down for a nap and it was time to have a cup of tea and troll my Facebook newsfeed in search of the spiritual aphorisms my Equinox yoga instructor posts after lifting them from people he follows on Twitter.
And there it was, posted between a Pinterest recipe and Youtube video by Florence and the Machine. Deb, a former colleague, had died of cancer. She was forty years old.
I wasn’t even aware that Deb had been sick. My mind returned to Deb’s long unexplained absences at the private high school where we both taught Spanish. Had she been sick all along?
I remembered a comment I wrote beneath a photo Deb posted weeks earlier. The picture was taken in her native Barbados. She wore a halter dress and smiled coyly. It was clear she’d lost weight. She looked sleek and svelte with her hair cropped. I wrote, You look gorgeous… Read more


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