Social Networking Rules the Internet In Scotland

Scottish households use the internet for social networking more than any other nation or region in the UK, a BT study reveals today.

Almost half (48.2 per cent) of internet surfers in Scotland regularly access social networking sites, compared to just 20 per cent in Northern Ireland, 42.6 per cent in Wales, 33 per cent in the North East, 39.3 per cent in the South West and 45.7 per cent in London.

Social networks run neck and neck with news and current affairs websites, which are also regularly accessed by 48.2 per cent of Scottish internet surfers, whilst less than one in ten (9.8 per cent) regularly surf to search for jobs.

The popularity of social media and news websites is closely followed by knowledge and information websites, such as Wikipedia, which are regularly accessed by 42.9 per cent of Scots, and shopping online at 41.1 per cent… Read more


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