Kenya: The Facebook Headache

I laughed my heart out the other day at my friend’s reaction, when he received a Facebook friend request from his mum.

Let’s face it; the internet is bigger than any of us and you shouldn’t be surprised the next time your grandpa tags you in a photo on Facebook or you find out that your grandma has more followers than you do on twitter. It’s one thing having your mum as a friend on the social networks, after all you can click on ‘block this person’ and she may never know what on earth just hit her, but what about your lover or partner who is as social network-aware or even more than you are?

We were not even over the cell phone menace and technology hits us with an even bigger, more public relationship hurdle that is the social networks! As of April 2012, there were more than 900 million and 140 million active Facebook and Twitter users in the world respectively, so chances are that your partner is on Facebook or Twitter, or both. So like someone pointed out, if he or she claims not to pay any attention to what you post on the social networks, change your relationship status to ‘single’ and wait for five minutes… Read more


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