Social Media, Passwords, and the Hiring Process: Privacy and Other Legal Rights

This is my third blog exploring the topic of social media and employment hiring practices. My first blog in April, “How Your Social Media Profile Could Make Or Break Your Next Job Opportunity”, discussed a recent study which showed how a candidate’s social media profile could hurt their chances of getting hired and the need for job seekers to actively manage their online social profile.

My second blog in May, “Recruiting, Reinvented: How Companies Are Using Social Media In The Hiring Process”, looked at the topic from the perspective of a company that uses integrated social media data to help employers find the right hires.

For this third blog I met with Renee Jackson, a Labor and Employment lawyer with Nixon Peabody LLP, who has gained particular renown for her cutting-edge technology and social media practice. My goal in meeting with Renee was to better understand the topic of social media use in hiring practices from a legal perspective.

Renee Jackson is a widely published author, commentator, and speaker on the topic of social media and she provides companies with counsel regarding the intersection between social media, technology, and the workplace. Social media and technology have transformed the way companies do business, and Renee has been at the forefront of monitoring how these trends in business impact both employers and employees… Read more


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