Cyberbullying, Facebook and social media

Recently, (fittingly the National Day of Action against Bulllying and Violence) the principal of a Queensland primary school made the news by threatening her students with disciplinary action based on ‘Facebook traffic that either bullies a child of this school or in some cases denigrates some staff and the school’.

Her reasoning was that the Facebook Terms of Service state that you must be at least 13 to have a Facebook account. But her real problem was that the website was facilitating online bullying, or to use the formal (and utterly awkward) name, cyberbullying.

Here’s the thing: social media is not to blame for cyberbullying. The internet was not a sweet safe place until Zuckerberg et al showed up – ask anyone who ever had to disable comments on a blog post, delete a forum thread, or leave an online chatroom… Read more


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