Connecting India, Pakistan, Afghanistan through social media

I start my travels with a tweet. Most of my meetings, talks and visits are logged on Twitter. Each journey ends with a brief travelogue and photos uploaded on Facebook. There are many tools such as Posterous that can integrate all these activities simply through an email. Easily and swiftly, my message directly reaches to a few thousand relevant people who further propagate the message to many more with their Facebook likes, Twitter retweets and many other share tools. This power is now available to anyone with an Internet access—about two billion people. And the impact is seen on contemporary history, which is witnessing some unprecedented challenges.

Social media is power in the true sense, with regimes being seriously threatened or even overthrown in countries including Bahrain, Egypt, Libya, Syria and Tunisia. The Occupy Wall Street protests stirred the mighty US. In India, the Anna Hazare movement galvanized thousands of people from various parts of India and pushed the government into taking some shaky steps. .. Read more


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