Post ‘social’ improved speed to information and context

Now the dust’s settled on Facebook’s IPO, some of the mainstream media are saying this is the end of the ’social media’ bubble…whatever their perspective is on what that phrase means. Buzzwords and phrases have a great way of getting in the way of reality – while it’s true that Facebook has slipped into an internet middle age, defined mostly as a vast collection of apparently unmonetizable uploads of everyday photographs and images, the pace of change is rapidly accelerating past the constraints of just thinking around ’social’ ideas anyway.

Read any business plan book and you’ll quickly find the part that warns you that just because there are 10,000 people in your town, it doesn’t mean they will all come and buy your lemonade. The reality of a billion people all having accounts and interconnections on Facebook’s seamlessly global website has been an amazing feat, but as the financial offering has proved, hard questions are being asked about the commercial value of the free service, despite its highly addictive qualities to users… Read more


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