The five biggest social media fails

With companies constantly looking for new ways to connect to their customers it was inevitable that the globe’s biggest brands would turn to social media sites as a means of promoting their products. Guinness has this month launched a campaign using QR codes on its glasses. QR (Quick Response) codes are square barcodes that can be scanned by a smartphone to direct the user to a website. The feature will supposedly let you update your “Guinness pint-drinking status” on Facebook and get money-off coupons for your next pint. Whilst in theory it seems like a good idea we can’t remember the last time we scanned a QR code, let alone had any interest in updating our “pint-drinking status.”

While Guinness’s scheme might succeed, it feels like a gimmick that is doomed to fail. Here are four other examples of brands trying to grasp social media and failing badly… Read more


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