What Social Media Can Learn From Real Life

Finally, a book that shows the full picture of the impact of the word of mouth and marketing done right — both offline and online.

In The Face-to-Face Book, released just days after Facebook’s IPO, Ed Keller and Brad Fay celebrate the “social wave rolling across business the world of business today,” while making a case that that the most powerful forms of social influence still happen “face-to-face.”

It’s a perspective that everyone interested in building social business should read. If you want to understand the true impact of your marketing, pick up this book — you are in for a great ride!

Often times I am asked: “What is your favorite social network?” My answer is: “A table and a couple of chairs!” My answer astonishes people and catches them off guard. After all, I am supposed to be a social media advocate and an innovator in this space… And here I am not even talking about Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or such… Read more


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