New Website Combines Social Media with Interactive Tools to Create the Most Unique Political Site on the Web

Common Sense Exchange, LLC launched a new and unique website that enables users to follow politicians, political causes and political news makers in one place with one click. The site also gets the users in the game by providing interactive tools that enable them to create their own solutions for issues, such as the national debt, create polls to share and gauge opinions on political matters and contribute stories of the day that the main-stream media won’t cover.

Utilizing Jounoo, LLC’s proprietary technology platform, is a one-stop shop for anyone interested in politics that doesn’t want to get bogged down with non political banter and doesn’t have time to track multiple feeds of information. Simply put, brings all the social media and news to you with one click instead of you having to sort through various sources. Members can identify their favorite politicians and issues and instantly connect with the conversations taking place on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter from one easy-to-use page. “We are extremely excited about the launch of TruPolitician. It will definitely change the way the public interacts with politicians both from a general perspective and social media perspective,” said Kurt Stevenson, Founder Jounoo, LLC.

Additionally, has unique tools that let the user build content that they can share with their social media friends and make new friends via its internal network. As an example, the site contains a tool that has the entire federal budget detail in one place and allows the user to make changes to the budget, add or delete line items and insert new tax revenue streams in an effort to “balance the budget.” The result of the tool is both a report that can be emailed or the actual budget that can be saved and shared with others. The site’s founder, Robert Westmoreland, promises many unique tools are to follow: “The goal of the site is to create tools that allow users to engage in the debate with solutions as opposed to arguments. Once a user generates a good idea we want to put them in the best position to share that idea with as many people as possible with a sincere hope that some of them stick and create positive results.”

The website is compatible with Facebook and Twitter accounts so there is no need to create yet another user name and password although that is an option for users just now jumping into the Social Media fray. The platform is also available in the App Store for both iPad and iPhone which instantly places the members into the social media streams from their mobile devices. Bottom line is if you are a political aficionado, this is your nirvana.

About Common Sense Exchange, LLC

Headquartered in Rockwall, Texas, Common Sense Exchange, LLC is a publisher of user friendly political web content that allows quick and easy access to Politicians, Political advocacy groups and issues that dominate today’s political scene. The company’s site provides users with unique interactive tools that let them participate in the debate in ways never seen before. The mission of the site is to educate users and allow them to voice their solutions to our country’s issues to both their elected representative and their friends.

About Jounoo LLC

Headquartered in New Port Richey, Florida, Jounoo LLC is a software development firm specializing in the creation of custom social networking environments. The software provides unique indexes into specific niche markets. It also provides instant access to every piece of media and social media about the particular market. Users can communicate with the entire fan base on external social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and more all in one click, and one easy-to-use page. The software eliminates the need to launch multiple pages to collect and communicate about your favorites whether it’s sports, politics, or any other market Jounoo puts all the data, information, and fan base at your fingertips in one click.


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